A Sustainable Future For Everyone

Our Founders of the Month February have placed sustainability as their company’s top priority! This makes them a perfect fit for our Sustainable February. 

Anant Kapil, Manish Kumar Singh and Ribhu Srivastava are still at the very beginning of their startup. The 3 form the founding team of REAM – RenElectro Advanced Mobility. We support the new entrepreneurs from the beginning and prepare with them the application for the EXIST-Gründerstipendium.

But what exactly is REAM?

REAM plans to develop the world’s most sustainable electric and non-electric bicycles by making all parts from recycled materials. The frame of the bike, the electric motor, the tires, as well as the batteries used in the bikes will be made entirely of recycled materials and sustainable technologies. These parts will be sourced from partners that use 100% recycled aluminum, copper, rubber, etc. They plan to bring together various existing technologies to achieve this goal. A REAM-bicycle will be the first of its kind in the world with a sustainability quotient of 90% to 100%.

Their vision: A sustainable future for everyone

REAM’s vision is to reduce waste and pollution to make a positive difference in the world and set an example in the automotive industry. They aim to promote the concepts of sustainability, waste reduction, waste utilization, recycling and circular economy by developing benchmark solutions. Their vision is to build an ecological system with highly sustainable and advanced mobility solutions, as well as research and development in waste recycling and green technologies.

Their mission: to develop the most sustainable bicycles in the world by using recycled materials

The members of the REAM team have a common motivating factor, which is the passion for sustainability, waste reduction and clean technologies. The world is facing big problems in waste disposal, waste reduction and recycling. At the same time, the amount of waste we generate is very alarming. Innovative steps need to be taken to solve this problem. As a solution to these problems, the team has developed the idea that will not only optimize waste reduction but also revolutionize the automotive industry. The three members form a perfect team for this purpose with excellent skills and experience in business, product development, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, research and development, and supply chains. This makes them a complete and multi-faceted team.

We will continue to keep you updated on Anant Kapil, Manish Kumar Singh and Ribhu Srivastava. Perhaps we will be able to present the first prototypes of REAM to you soon.

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