Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann – appointment to the BDA/BDI committee of SME

Congratulations to Professor Behrmann on his appointment to the BDA/BDI committee of SME companies focused on the development of digital industry in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann is professor of Media Law, International Management, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Communications at bbw University of Applied Sciences. He is also Managing Director of the company Game Farm GmbH. In January he was appointed to the BDA/BDI committee, which is made up of members of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) and the Federation of German Industries e.V. (BDI). The committee’s remit is to focus on future economic policy issues affecting digital industry in Germany.

“As former founding CEO of Game e.V. and as someone who has campaigned for the digital and creative industry for many years, this appointment is a great honour for me,” says Prof. Behrmann. “I am really looking forward to working in this committee. My experience in the game sector can be very useful when it comes to issues such as innovation and the digitalisation of the entire German industry from the perspective of medium-sized companies. We still need more digital hidden champions in Germany.”

It was Prof. Behrmann’s initiative that led to the successful conception and implementation of the Management of Creative Industries Master’s programme (MCI), which is one of three Master’s programmes taught in English at the bbw University of Applied Sciences. MCI is the first holistic Master’s programme for talents from the creative industries interested in deepening their knowledge in the economic sciences. This programme prepares them for new roles and developing opportunities as managers in the digital economy.

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